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Reasons to Love Nuvella Performance Fabric

Wichita Furniture is proud to offer an outdoor furniture line for 2017. With a product assortment that includes sectionals, umbrellas, firepits and more, we are now your one-stop-shop for every room inside and outside your home. Of course, this patio furniture is comfortable and stylish, but one of the most exciting features of the new collection is the innovative Nuvella Performance Fabric from Ashley.

Nuvella Performance Fabric

Exceptional Durability

Nuvella is incredibly durable, and the nature of the yarn makes the fabric successful in combating stains. It’s a 100% solution-dyed fabric (instead of being dipped), so the colors are completely penetrated into the yarn. This means no fading or rubbing out through wear, cleaning, or exposure to the Kansas elements. Your colors will stay bright for years to come!

Easy to Clean

The most impressive characteristic is how easy Nuvella fabric is to clean and maintain. Ashley recommends spot-cleaning stains or spills using warm water and a mild soap. The fabric is resistant to dirt, mold, and mildew, and can even be cleaned with bleach without fading its colors.

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Beautiful Color Options

You don’t have to sacrifice appearance for quality and durability. There are a variety of extraordinary colors and options available in the Nuvella line, so you’re sure to find exactly what will look the best on your porch or patio.


Unlike traditional dye, no wastewater is generated from the dying process, making Nuvella the eco-friendly solution for your outdoor furniture fabric.

If you enjoy living in your furniture, you'll love our wide assortment of sofas, chairs, sectionals and more that feature Nuvella Performance Fabric. The versatile material is perfect for high-traffic areas, both indoors and out.