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Blog posts of '2017' 'August'

The Best Way to Store Patio Furniture for the Winter
You enjoyed your time outdoors lounging on your patio furniture with family and friends all summer long and look forward to doing it again next year. While most patio products are made to remain outside, the approaching Kansas winter weather could be harmful to your outdoor furniture. Taking the steps now to carefully store your patio furniture for the winter will not only prolong the life of your investment, it’ll also simplify yours come next spring.
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Decorating With Mixed Patterns
Mixing stripes with plaids used to be a no-no...sort of like wearing white after Labor Day. But just as fashion rules have relaxed, so too have home decorating do’s and don’ts. Mixing patterns is chic! Still, there are some guidelines for decorating with mixed patterns. Do it well, and you add terrific visual interest to your space. Do it without thought, and the results can be overly busy and distracting. Here are some tips for decorating with mixed patterns.
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How to Create a Stylish, Functional Entryway
Your home’s entryway (or foyer, if you like) has a tall order to fill. It not only needs to set the style tone for your home and send a warm welcome, but it’s a high-traffic area that needs to be organized and clutter-free. Here are five tips for creating a stylish, functional entryway.
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