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How to Accessorize a Room

Accessories and room accents are more than just the finishing touch for your decor. More than anything else in the home, they give a sense of your unique personality. They give a room its heart and soul.

How you accessorize a room will vary according to your personal preferences and decor style. For example, a modern room may have only one or two bold statement pieces, while an eclectic cottage room may have several groupings of decorative items. Here are some basic room accessorizing tips.

Room Accessorie

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors not only have decorative value, but they have two special abilities: they add light and create the illusion of added space. Accent mirrors work well in nearly any room, but they’re an especially good choice when you want to make an area appear larger.

Freshen Up with Botanicals

Adding live plants literally breathes life into your decor. They need not be the traditional potted palm or Boston fern. Potted succulents, bamboo, and DIY terrariums are trending, and they have the advantage of being very low maintenance.

If you have a garden (or the budget for the florist,) there is nothing like a cut flower arrangement to make a room feel fresh and welcoming. In the fall and winter, try a bowl of apples or pine cones.

Look Everywhere for Inspiration

When arranged attractively (more on that in a bit,) even the most everyday items can become beautiful displays that reflect your personality. Love to bake? How about accessorizing with vintage kitchen tools and a bowl of cookie cutters? Is gardening your passion? Try a display of old garden tools and seed packets. Old hardback books are inexpensive, add visual interest, and can also be used as platforms to elevate smaller decor items. Comb antique stores, thrift shops, used book stores and yard sales for tons of decorating ideas!

Create Groupings

Arrange accessories in groups, combining items that share a similar color palette, finish, texture or theme. As we discussed in our coffee table styling article, asymmetry adds visual interest. Vary the heights and sizes of grouped items, and go for an odd rather than even number. (You can’t go wrong with the “Rule of 3” for decorating.) If you’re creating a tabletop display, arrange the items in a pyramid, with the tallest object in the back. Similar small items can be kept together on a tray or in a bowl. If you’re creating a wall display of multiple photos, stagger the placements rather than hanging the photos in a straight row.

Add a Pop of Color with Pillows

Decorative pillows add a splash of color and/or a lively pattern without being overwhelming. If there’s a color you love that would be too much as the main color of your walls or upholstery, this is the way to do it. You can use decorative pillows to “pick up” the accent colors of your room and other accessories, creating a cohesive color theme that isn’t too “matchy.” They’re also an inexpensive way to freshen up your room’s color palette with the seasons or as the mood strikes you.

Don’t Go Overboard

Too many knick knacks scattered throughout a room make it feel cluttered and appear smaller. (Not to mention, they collect dust!) The same goes for too many pictures on the wall, or an overabundance of decorative pillows.

Don’t feel as if you must accessorize every available surface. The eye needs open space to rest as it travels through the room. That way, viewers will be able to take in and better appreciate the beauty of the individual items you’ve chosen.

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